So you’re moving on?  No problem!  You’ll just need to email your property manager, or email your intention to leave.

Please note, if you are coming up to the end of your fixed term lease, you’ll need to issue 14 days notice.  For example, if your lease finishes on February 21st, you’ll need to send notice by February 7th in order to hand keys back on that date.  Please note, we must receive written notification of your intention to leave, otherwise the tenancy agreement remains binding and you’ll need to keep paying rent.

If you are on a ‘periodic lease’, that is a lease with no fixed term end date, you’ll need to give us 14 days notice.  You can simply email your intention to leave to your property manager or to:

Here’s a quick quide to help the moving out process as much as possible: Tenant Cleaning Form.

Family unpacking boxes