Trinh Ngo

Property Management Executive

Trinh Ngo is a Licensed Estate Agent with over fifteen years of proven success in end to end team and portfolio management in Property Management.

In 2018, Trinh did not hesitate at the opportunity to become a partner and have equity in the rent roll, as it meant that her clients would benefit in being affiliated with industry leaders. Trinh’s self-motivation and attention to detail has meant that she was able to leverage her Real Estate industry experience from the bottom up, understanding the true intricacies and what it takes to meet the vital needs of owners and tenants.

Trinh takes initiative to keep up-to-date with industry knowledge and legislation. Sharing her learnings and experience, she creates a transparent relationship with all parties. Trinh believes in ensuring there is open communication with both tenants and landlords ensuring her success within the industry.

Outside of the industry, Trinh enjoys switching off and spending time in the great outdoors with her loved ones, striving to find the perfect work life balance.