Styling Art in your Home: Interior Design Tips

Bec Statton, Principal Designer at The Toowoomba Gallery, shares her top tips and tricks for styling art in the home ahead of the inaugural Brisbane fair this 9 – 12 May. Take it away Bec!

Art is the layer in a design that allows you to really tell your story. It is the element that adds individuality, personality and soul to any design, ensuring that no two spaces are ever the same.

Bec Statton

My approach to interior design and styling may differ a little from the norm, although not altogether surprising given my background, in that I like to use art to initiate the direction a space will take. A little bit of reverse engineering, if you will. For me, the art choices of every person/family/company I encounter is the most insightful information and the easiest to garner. People who struggle to define their style or even choose a bathroom tap or cupboard profile will often have strong, instinctive feelings about art and be happy to share them.


This one is for the first-time buyer. The simplest way to start collecting art is to start small. Finding something little that speaks to you is both a style and budget-friendly way to begin what is bound to be a lifelong addiction. Little pieces can be placed anywhere, be it on their own on a shelf (very renter-friendly) or as a part of a larger gallery wall. They are also easy to move around as the mood and/or décor changes. This also allows you to purchase a range of forms, styles and mediums, which will help you define your style. With this in mind, we have an incredible range of works priced under $1000 in our catalogue for the Affordable Art Fair Brisbane.

Jessica Olpp, Fleurs Et Pomme Verte, $440
Jessica Olpp, Journee Venteuse, $490


Once you have a purchase or two under your belt and are growing in confidence, it’s time to be a little more considered regarding both purchases and placement. In my design projects, I consider how the art will be viewed from all angles and what its key purpose will be.

For example, I will often add detailed work that needs to be viewed up close to hallways and foyers, places where I want to encourage a slow meander with contemplation. I use bright impactful pieces to draw the eye and person into a room and make a strong statement.

I will place conversational pieces in areas where I want to create…well…conversation, like living and dining areas in homes or meeting and break out rooms in businesses. We are bringing a range of pieces, big and small, to Affordable Art Fair Brisbane and are happy to assist you to choose the perfect piece for every space.


Art does not need to stand alone. In fact, sometimes you can get the greatest impact in larger numbers. A big space to fill doesn’t necessarily mean trying to find a single piece to fill a large wall. Rather, finding two or three (or even more) pieces that work together and complement each other can be a much more effective solution. Companion hanging can also bring out the best in the complementary pieces, or change how a piece works in a room.

Bonus: Bec’s Top Picks from The Toowoomba Gallery

We love all our choices; however, here are a few to note – Bec Statton

New and noteworthy: Jane Canfield

The investment piece: Joanna Davies

Potential companion: Kobie Bosch

Jane Canfield
Locksly Landscape
100 x 100 cm
Oil on polyester Framed in oak
Joanna Davies
Row Boat
130 x 95cm
Oil on canvas
framed in oak
Kobie Bosch
Red Eared Finches with Protea 43 x 53 cm
Oil on linen
Framed in stained Oak
$1,500.00Thanks so much to Bec Statton for sharing her tips, tricks, and highlights! If you’re keen on more interior expertise, don’t miss The Toowoomba Gallery‘s stand at Affordable Art Fair this 9 – 12 May.Book your tickets today and get planning your visit!BUY TICKETS