Qld home trend: Make room for Australia’s colour of the year

Finally! Queenslanders have been gifted a colour of the year they can embrace wholeheartedly – A lighter shade of Maroon known as Viva Magenta. Here’s how to easily be on trend in your home.

Undoubted colour specialists Pantone picked Viva Magenta as the colour of 2023, but unlike many others chosen over the years, this one is not splashed all over the facade or feature wall. Instead said Chiara Portesi, interior designer at Porter Davis World of Style, it requires a bold but deft touch indoors only.

“Viva Magenta is an intense and rich in-depth colour. It dominates against other colours, particular in interiors and especially, in Australian homes. Magenta is a mixture of blues and reds. It’s a versatile shade and could lean itself either way to being warm or cool toned, depending on it’s application or what it’s paired with.”

She said the colour of the year was “powerful but not overbearing”.

“It’s a bold choice to incorporate into the home and to me it represents boldness. It could be impactful with how and where it’s used. While it’s a bold colour for your home, it can also be warm and inviting at the same time.”

To make it work for homes in Australia, Ms Portesi said “soft furnishings and accents would be my pick”.

“Rather than applying largea mounts, opt for gentle touches with this colour. Like coloured carpets in certain spaces such as a bedroom, study nook or dressing room. Viva Magenta would be a perfect addition, as it’s a grounding colour and would draw the eye, acting as the focal point.”

Her choice would be to use it in rich fabrics and textures like velvet rather than a flat, solid application to amplify a living or dining space.

“We’ve seen a lot of colourful feature walls in the past, however people are often hesitant to embrace vibrant colours in their homes on large scales. I would instead choose to incorporate Viva Magenta in small doses to transform and lift a room. Using this colour to add and accentuate a space that may be in some way lacking,” she said

Her perfect pairing for the colour of the year would be to use it with aged brass – “a timeless trend that’s here to stay in 2023”.

“We’re seeing a lot of brass being incorporated in Australian homes and this would make the perfect pairing with Viva Magenta. Being a sophisticated colour, Viva Magenta and brass would absolutely accentuate a designer style interior.”

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