Five reasons to style your home for sale

When it comes time to sell your home, usually, you have two goals. The first is to get as much as possible for it; the second is to get the sale done as quickly as possible.

When you want to sell your car, you clean it up beforehand to make it easier to sell. Even though the job is bigger with a property, the same rules apply.

Styling a home makes it easier to sell and can help get the best price, here are five reasons why:

Decluttering – A stylist will declutter your home, making it look more spacious. Even small rooms seem airy if they are not full of your belongings, and that sense of space comes across in photos and in person, making the property seem bigger for potential buyers.

Depersonalising – Along with decluttering, a stylist will depersonalise, removing your pictures and other items to leave a neutral space. This presents your home as a blank canvas, which is effective as it allows the potential buyer to see the property as their own. When confronted with family photos, mementos from trips and so on, there are always reminders this is someone else’s home. Take those away and buyers can begin imagining it as theirs, an important step in the buying process.

Bright and welcoming – A good stylist will present your home in a way that accentuates light and space. With bright walls along with decluttering and careful furniture choice, they open up spaces and create a welcoming interior. This makes the viewer feel at home as soon as they enter the property.

Highlight the best features – No property is perfect, but they all have something you fell in love with. From a large window with spectacular views or a beautiful kitchen, or anything else. A stylist can arrange rooms so that attention is drawn to those best features so that potential buyers see the property in its best light every time.

Ready to move in – Once styled and your property is decluttered with only a few personal items on display, the overall effect is that the property looks ready to move in to. A staged home hints to a buyer that they could be living in it that afternoon, and this encourages buyers further.

Together, these stylist tricks make a big difference, they allow the buyer to see the home as their own, not in the future, but now, a blank canvas to paint their lives on. It makes selling easier, and by highlighting the best features of the home, helps get the best offer.