Buyers, Renters Be Alert

The past two weeks have brought significant updates to the residential property market, affecting both first homebuyers (FHB) and the rental industry. 

One of the most significant changes is the increase in stamp duty concessions for first homebuyers. 

Announced in the state government’s recent budget, the threshold for stamp duty concessions has been raised from $500,000 to $700,000. 

This change represents a potential saving of up to $17,000 for FHB, allowing them to enter the property market sooner by allocating funds towards their new home rather than having to put it towards stamp duty. 

This adjustment is a much-needed relief for FHB who have struggled to find suitable properties under the previous $500,000 threshold. 

A quick search on reveals there are only 608 properties under $500,000 across the city. 

However, when the search is expanded to include properties up to $700,000, the number of available listings jumps to 1558, highlighting the increased opportunities for FHB. 

In addition to the stamp duty changes, there have been significant reforms affecting the rental industry. 

The most disruptive of these is the introduction of a 12- month freeze on any rent increases for rental properties. 

Previously, the freeze applied only to rental leases, protecting tenants from mid-lease rent hikes. Now, the freeze is tied to the property itself. 

These recent changes are poised to have a profound impact on the residential property market. The increased stamp duty concession threshold offers FHB a significant financial advantage, while the new rental reforms aim to provide greater stability for tenants. 

Buyers and renters need to stay informed.

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