9 classic design trends you won’t regret later

Originally posted on News.com.au by Lilith Hardie Lupica and Yeong Sassall | 30 November 2023


Photographed by François Coquerel. Interior design by Hauvette & Madani. From a Parisian apartment brimming with bespoke furniture and unique design details

Some trends are born to fade; flashes in the pan of good taste and questionable decision making that should be forgiven but never forgotten. Others recede for a while then make a surprising comeback. And lastly, the best ones enter the interiors canon and remain fixed there until the end of time—these are the classics you want to hone in on. These timeless trends deserve your attention, and while they may feel like fleeting fads now, you can trust that in time they won’t have soured. Given, it can be overwhelming and disconcerting to trawl through trends and consider what, in mere months, will have turned unpleasant, there are some key factors to consider to ensure design mistakes are avoided.

First, look to trends that incorporate classic, reliable colours, finishes or lines as you can be certain that even if it pushes your limits, it’s rooted in or references a timeless feature. Likewise, if you’re test driving a trend that relies on natural materials like wood, linen, cotton or stone, you can rest easy because natural fibres will always be called upon and are a timeless choice, no matter your interior inclinations.

Here, Vogue Living delves into the timeless design trends to test drive now and love forever.


Photographed by Helen Cathcart. Interior design by Hutch Design. Styled by Sarah Birks. From the modern-day makeover of a classic Victorian home in Northern Ireland

1. Working with wood

The warmth that wood exudes ensures it will never let you or your space down. Timeless in every iteration and application, wood is a complementary and reliable home staple. Even if you can’t take advantage of it as flooring or as a wall treatment, consider accents in the form of furniture, frames and even art to both enliven a space and lend it texture.


Photographed by Vincent Dilio. Interior design by Michelle Zack Design. From an interior designer winds back the clock on this elegant West Village townhouse

2. Tiles with character

The smallest bathroom or the biggest, roomiest kitchen will benefit from a tile choice bursting with character. A classic selection like alternating black and white tiles are a safe but lively bet. But don’t limit yourself to a muted colour palette or pattern selection—a smattering of tiles with personality can really lift a room.


Photographed by Stephen Karlisch Photography. Interior design by Allison Crawford. From an American designer crafts a dreamy, vintage-filled Parisian apartment

3. A statement armchair or lounge

Dependable and classic, a comfortable and eye-catching armchair or lounge will always slot seamlessly into any room. Look for striking and classic designs like the Togo, Camaleonda, Soriana or De Sede’s Ds-600 for something with enduring appeal. The shape and lines of such a chair will remain unfailing and steadfast, no matter how many homes or phases you work through, having long ago been proven ageless. But the benefit of a timeless design is that should your statement change, say from red velvet to candy-cane stripes, you can easily alter or update your friend. And as we tend to opt into safety lounge-wise, a startling armchair will no doubt always play well with other pieces, no matter how bold or bright.


Photographed by Nicole Franzen. Interior design by Corvino Design. Styling by Eve Singer from Broyt. From the quietly luxe New Jersey home of designer Marissa Corvino

4. Golden accents

Gold has a way of complementing and bringing out the best in every colour of the spectrum, so much so that it’s almost a neutral. Gold or brass tapware, hardware and even shelving can inject warmth and colour into a space without becoming jarring. Gold, while it should be used sparingly, will never steer one off course and will remain faithful until the very end.


Photographed by Haris Kenjar. Interior design by Betsy Brown Inc. Architecture by Shepard & Davis Architects. Styled by Betsy Brown and Haris Kenjar. From an owner’s appreciation for collectible art grounds this serene Alabama home

5. Tonal layering

Such a simple, yet effective way to infuse colour into a space, tonal layering may not be the easiest trend to master but once it has been, the possibilities are both endless and enduring. This approach allows experiment, albeit safely, with colour that won’t become stale. Here, earthy green and brown shades in a myriad of textures have been layered together to create a pleasing backdrop that feels inviting and intriguing. When pulling from the same or similar colour families, one can feel safe in the knowledge that their choices won’t date fast.


Photographed by Anson Smart. Interior design by Tamsin Johnson. From interior designer Tamsin Johnson’s antique-filled Darling Point home

6. Vintage touches

What could be more timeless or elegant than a host of vintage accents to fill a home with character? Pieces that are well constructed and come with a history, whether invisible or marked upon their surface, are never a bad idea. Vintage pieces add character to a bare space in seconds and will continue to stand the test of time. Ensure you’re mixing second-hand or antique pieces into every room of your abode.


Photographed by Nicole Franzen. From the chic Brooklyn townhouse of chef, designer and lifestyle guru Athen a Calderone

7. Dark cabinetry

Cabinetry and hardware can date rather quickly, but a dark colourway—navy, forest green, black, even—will serve you well and age nicely. Moodier hues will also provide a striking contrast to marble pieces, striking backsplashes and even appliances. A timeless yet surprising choice, dark cabinetry will not dim overtime.


Photographed by Anson Smart. Interior design by Alexander & Co. Styled by Claire Delmar. From the natural beauty of stone and timber is celebrated in this contemporary Sydney family home

8. Whitewashed walls

Like a blank canvas, whitewashed walls serve to brighten and open up even the smallest of spaces. Adding texture to the mix, this treatment is an ideal way to add a point of interest to a space without relying on colour or a bold statement. The statement here, in fact, is confident yet restrained.


Photographed by Henrik Lundell, HLVM. Interior design and architecture by Kajsa Melchior. From this Stockholm apartment uses striking stone and jewel tones to make a statement

9. Bold colour

No matter how bold, a statement colour is a vote in favour of showing off one’s personality. And what could be more timeless than that? Whether you chose to splash a striking shade across your walls, floors or both, there’s nothing more classic than a decision that celebrates colour in all its glory.

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