2024 trend alerts to redesign your bedroom for your heart

2024 is already set to be a year that redefines what a bedroom looks like and what it provides. With colour and prints gaining popularity, there’s a newfound boldness in interior decorating — and we’re here for it! From mis-matched statement bedding to patterned ceilings, these are the bedroom decorating trend predictions for the year ahead.

If you are someone always looking out for what’s new in the interior design space, here are a few of the best bedroom trends coming in the next year.

Artwork by Amy Gibbs looks right at home in this room that plays with bedding prints | Discover this floral artist

Comfort over design

One of the biggest trends we will see is a move away from picture-perfect, magazine-shoot-ready bedrooms and a move towards comfort. The bedroom has always been an area that many people prioritise looks in, but that is changing.

From choosing different mattress sizes to adding cosy blankets and cushions that may not necessarily match, more and more people want their bedroom to be a nest, as opposed to a showroom-style room in the home.


Layering is a well-known term in fashion styling but it’s also a way to elevate the look of interiors! The concept is fairly simple; it involves adding cushions and blankets of varying sizes, colours, and textures to create depth. For example, placing a blanket at the foot of your bed, and a decorative cushion or two in front of your pillows.

You can use the styling technique of layering on your bedside table. For example, you could place several objects on top of a small tray, like a candle and jewellery trinket dish. Or you could lean a small artwork or framed photo behind your bedside. This trick will add sophistication to your styling.

Statement bedding

While neutrals dominated for years, one of the biggest trends of 2024 is a return to colour. And of course, an easy, high-impact way to add splashes of colour to your bedroom is with statement bedding. Whether you prefer stripes or checks, florals or abstract prints, you can do no wrong when embracing colour and patterns this year.

If you’re a bit shy when it comes to colour and want to start by dipping your toe in, why not take a few colourful cushions and a throw blanket for a test run? Just a few pops of colour will refresh the look of your bedroom.

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Bold colours and clashing prints is the signature style of this pink coastal cabin | Take the tour

Sitting areas

There’s also a growing trend towards bedrooms being more than just a place to sleep. Occasional armchairs have been making an appearance in the corner of bedrooms for years now and in 2024 things are getting taken up a notch. If space permits, why not level up to a chair or couch and a coffee table? Creating a seating zone will make the space more functional and more than just a glorified clothing rack (does anyone actually sit on that random corner armchair?!).

A dedicated seating area in the bedroom is especially appealing to all us parent out there. A kid-free zone and private area to escape. While this may not be possible for everyone, adding this extra zone to your bedroom gives your bedroom an additional functional purpose.

Hidden tech

Technology has always been a divisive thing in the bedroom. Some want a TV and speakers to enjoy a movie in bed, while others want their bedroom to be a tech-free, calming space.

However, the hidden tech trend achieves the best of both worlds. Having a TV that slides up from a hidden compartment or discrete Frame TV, an Alexa or something similar hidden in the room so people can use voice controls, or even just light clappers. “Hidden tech” allows you to meet your tech needs without sacrificing the look and feel of your bedroom.

Hidden tech is one of the main bedroom trends emerging this year | Image via Our Kin & Home

Wallpapered ceilings

Wallpapered ceilings are another trend making huge waves in the interior design space. Wallpaper has always been used to add colour or pattern to a space, but when you add it to the ceiling, you get a level of depth you can’t get when you put it on your walls.

Not only does a wallpapered ceiling make a design statement, it can also add cosiness by creating the sense of a more intimate environment. You can take it a step further by adding a pattern to it, such as a floral garden or the night sky, or something else!

Vintage meets modern

In keeping with the trend of moving away from showroom-style bedrooms, there’s also a trend to mix and match styles. In particular, injecting vintage elements to add character and interest. Think adding an antique mirror above your dresser or statement lamp.

Modern and vintage interior styles can work seamlessly together. Our tip: select one style as your dominant and add pops of the other. If they are used in equal measure, it’s somehow less balancing to the eye. Think of one as adding contrast to the other rather than 50-50.

Wallpapered ceiling in this bedroom by Joanna Gaines | Image via Homes & Gardens

Statement pieces

We mentioned the idea of a statement mirror above but there are many statement pieces you can add to your bedroom to make it pop. Artwork is one of the most popular and in this article we’ve got plenty of ideas on how to fill the space above your bedhead.

Simply put, a statement piece in the bedroom can be anything from colourful linen to an oversized couch or lamp.

Adding 1-3 colourful statement pieces is the easiest way to add colour and drama to your space without having to change the overall look of the room.

More floral elements

Finally, florals will be making another big splash in bedrooms this year. Everything from small daisies in rainbow meadow prints to larger monochromatic florals, these prints will add instant joy to your space.

If floral patterns aren’t for you, why not choose actual plants?! Not only do they bring a touch of the outdoors into a space, but there are many that will clean the air and also allow you to get a better night’s sleep.

Originally published by the Style Curator