Gillian Davel-Lafferty

It is rare for someone to instil confidence in an instance. It's a skill, it comes from a combination of experience and upbringing. Gillian is one of those rare people.

Glil brings with her an eclectic mix of life experiences. She has run the property management for a remote working island housing over 400 staff. Gill managed all aspects of their management from leasing and maintenance through to lease exit. This knowledge allows Gill the expertise needed to advise our clients of the most appropriate actions to ensure the best tenant is found and their transition in to the property is seamless.

Gill also brings a creative flair. Having run and successfully driven her own photography business, Gill has travelled the world as a photographer. This rare insight is the surprise perfect partner to a property management business. Never in history have premium photos delivered the results they bring today. As an office we field inquiry from tenants that are as close as a few streets away through to done as far away as the other side of the world. Gill's knowledge drives our photo selection ensuring our clients properties are presented in their best light.

Today, Gill leads our handover team. This is a unique role to our business. Often a significant amount of intellectual property is lost between leasing agents and property managers. It is Gills processes and determination that ensures your property will be handed over to its area expert with care and with the attention to detail expected in this fast paced industry